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Wearing & Application - Can You Tell It's A Wig

Can You Tell It's A Wig

Generally, people don't expect your hair to be pretend, so people overlook the fact that your hair might be pretend. Some styles look more natural than others, and depending on the level of realism you are looking for. The hairline of a wig can sometimes look a little false depending on the style - a fringe/bangs helps hide the cap line in those cases. Lace front wigs are the most natural wigs in the world… even as wig sellers, we would have a hard time picking out a lace front from the others! They are the kind of wigs they use in movies etc to look completely real. See our Bases help section for more information on the types of tops you can have!

On a side note, if you buy a baby pink wig… You can probably tell it's a wig :)

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