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Choosing The Right Shade

Choosing The Right Colour

Selecting the perfect colour for you can be a little confusing at times, but fear not - we're here to lend a hand!

As well as comprehensive colour charts you can click and search from, we take the time to shoot each and every wig we have in stock from many different angles as well as closeups of features.

Colours on wigs are most often displayed as a number. This number (for example "24B/613") is a universal colour code used by wig manufacturers to ensure a consistency across their ranges. Most companies use the same basic tones, but we also provide a short description of the colour. Please make sure you buy from the colour number first and foremost, what you see on your screen might be different based on the display type, brightness, contrast etc. Only a perfectly calibrated monitor would show the images perfectly, so please remember they are for display purposes only.

If you're new to wigs and want to buy something similar to your own hair.
If you're undergoing treatment, going one or two shades lighter can be helpful - If you lose a little colour in your skin, a lighter shade will ensure less contrast and give you a little lift. Apparently, going a little lighter also makes you look younger.

If you want to try something new and exciting, be a little bold or aring... Go for it!! A wig costs around the same as a good haircut, only if you don't love it you're not stuck with it for months as it grows out.

Still not sure? We sell colour rings for each and every brand we sell, so you can be completely confident what you see in your hand is what you're going to receive.

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