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Colour Charts

Colour Charts

Choosing a colour for your wig or hair extensions sure can be hard work!! We offer a great range of colour rings for you to purchase, to ensure you are as comfortable as possible when selecting the shade that is right for you. Colours are generally a universal lot of tones, but each brand will have their own way of highlighting and blending wigs. Some companies have chunky highlights in certain styles of wig, but the overall tone is nearly always the same. When in doubt, purchase a colour ring and compare each colour or get in touch with us for some expert advice!

Your skin tone will play an important role in how a colour of a wig or hair piece looks on you – The difference between black and soft black can be immense, and a platinum blonde wig versus a light honey blonde wig can completely change your complexion, so ensure you take your time and think carefully about what is perfect for you.

Each company tends to have their own colourations for their brand, and shades can slightly vary depending on the % of each colour they use. Some companies will blend small amounts of highlights, some do chunks, some mix, so not all colours will be identical.

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